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Expert MS is organized around two core areas of expertise--management software with performance metrics as prerequisite to implementing Six Sigma and Human Resources consulting--whose true value is realized not from their specialization but from their convergence. Our products and services are consistent and complimentary to our values.


The featured highlights are as follows.


Management & Decision Support Software. One constant in our world today is change. To us, change equals an amazing array of software that helps the companies manage increasingly complex issues and constituencies. It is due to our vision and expertise that our special-purpose software, be it Change Control Navigator or E-Mail Organizer, helps translate the company's every innovation/change into market share.

Performance Metrics. To succeed, we need to constantly improve the ways we

do business. Expert MS goes well beyond traditional tools, powering the clients with proven methods for strategic planning, crisis management, as well as maintaining corporate technological reputation. Performance Metrics for systems and human resources is an integrated approach to aligning corporate behavior with vision, ongoing business objectives, employee morale, controlled risks, expanded marketplace opportunities, and stakeholder expectations. In short, it pays to measure.


Human Resources Management Consulting. We recommend solutions that address our clients' unique business needs, integrate seamlessly into operations, and reflect the company's culture. The services range from A-Z vendor sourcing and vendor consolidation, to being your direct source for Training and Development, to HR-Voyager website that provides a wide array of vendor choices for your perusal. Expert MS serves an expert guide helping you to reduce expenses while finding the top quality cost-effective provider and taking the work off your desk.

Time & File management Software for Law Firms

The competitive differentiator of these document & time management systems is that they were developed specifically for two lines of legal businesses: Summons and Collections and Negligence Defense, both of them having no comprehensive case management automation support to enhance office productivity. Our case management systems have been designed for small & mid-size law firms day-to-day business support. The systems allows routine and repetitive tasks to be fully automated while logical and derivative tasks be accomplished via the capacities of  the automated system, thus greatly enhancing the office productivity and broadening the scope of the "small" cases covered by the law firm.

To learn more about this and other software for law firms, go to Products page.

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