Our Values.

Expert MS is a management software and consulting company with a difference.  This difference is our Six Sigma orientation embedded in our core values that provide a framework for our achievements.

Vision. As Consultants we know that businesses do not want just the management software, or just a good piece of advice, they want the true cutting edge, the insights that come from going behind the numbers, beyond the trends and between the lines. They need the solutions based on new type of management software, one that is Six-Sigma-methodology-oriented, that takes them to a new place where they connect better with their customers. We analyze industry trends, anticipate the needs, and deliver integrated solutions, for our clients to have a truly effective control of their business operations.


Integrity. Our cohesive, collegiate culture incorporates integrity, partnership, well-rounded expertise, and dedication to our clients' best interests. Each of our colleagues embodies this kinetic energy, impeccable collegiality, and soul. Expert MS are committed to fine-tuning and customizing all management solutions to help the clients capture and sustain the market share.


Productivity. We build productivity and performance into every product/service of your choice. Expert consultative support is available just-in-time, and our Consultants work full time on client's site when necessary, or basically from our offices, or both--whichever works best. Staying focused on clients' needs allows us to offer timely, productive solutions that add value to our clients' business.


Choice. At Expert MS we believe that management problem solving, along with big and small issue resolution, should be based on a variety of fair choices. And offering quality choices is what we excel at, be it the product configuration, flexible support options, or pricing. Our experts are there to make recommendations, so that our clients' choices perfectly match their needs and expectations.


Expert MS: Turning Resolutions into Solutions!